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What is your business challenge?

RCS can solve your problem

No matter which business, which positions you are in!

Discover the capabilities of RCS.

the magazine type marketing message with RCS service


Discover other RCS possibilities

You can use like this!

use Chatbot for your business!

Chatbot can help improve various functions of your business.


RCS, with its rich branding and media delivery capabilities, can be a very powerful tool for marketers. Brands across all industries are using RCS to deliver coupons and offers, promote products and drive eCommerce sales, and create engaging quizzes and surveys to help guide customers through purchase-making decisions.

Customer Service

Features like suggested replies through our AI chatbot help brands, businesses, and operators communicate with customers with the reach and immediacy of SMS but with the rich, interactive functionality of an app. RCS can be used to send order status notifications, payment reminders, and 2FA alerts.

Human Resources

You can use RCS to communicate with your customers and employees alike! With automated responses, employees can easily and quickly find the information they are looking for.

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