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  • I want to register multiple templates at once.
    If there are many message patterns used by the brand, we support the ability to register templates of the same attribute (description/style) in Excel at once. Please download and refer to the sample file (excel) provided on the template registration screen. However, if you register a style template in bulk, you cannot style each style, and it is common as a default.
  • Can the registered template be used by other companies/brands?
    Templates are brand dependent. A brand may register/manage the template it wishes to use directly from the RBC website or through an API, or through an agency authorized by that brand (enterprise). When you send a template message, you can only send it to the calling number that belongs to the brand.
  • What is a style (cell) template?
    A style template is a new concept of message type that can be created by directly arranging informative messages related to a given template type (such as approval/deposit/withdrawal/forwarding/order/membership/certification/delivery/schedule) in a highly readable style. You can create a brand-specific template by combining letter size, letter color, and style in a cell with 1 or 2 columns. You can configure a text box with up to two columns and ten rows, and line breaks in each cell are allowed. The message content must be within a total of 90 characters, including the fixed message and the message in the variable name. If the message exceeds 90 characters at the time of transmission, the message transmission fails. ※ Characters that enter the button are not included in the 90-character limit.
  • How are templates different from other characters?
    The template is one of the RCS Biz Message Products (SMS/LMS/MMS/Template), designed at a lower cost than SMS and can only be used for informational messages. Depending on the property, it is divided into a default template (free) that can be used without prior approval and a Description/Style template that requires prior registration and approval.
  • Can I edit the template?
    Depending on the status of the template, we provide the following modification/deletion functions. - Stored status: Template modification/deletion available - Approved status: Template modification/deletion available - Awaiting Approval Status: Template cannot be modified/deleted (However, it can be modified/deleted after cancellation of approval request)
  • What is the template type?
    Description/Cell templates define template types for use in certain tasks in informality messages. In common, you can select membership / certification / reservation / delivery / order / forwarding, etc., and only financial operators can select approval/deposit corresponding to financial affairs. If there are any types of business needs, please recommend them to the customer center of the RCS Biz Center.
  • What is a theme for a template?
    The RCS templates come with basic and high-level A themes, allowing you to send out different forms of informative messages. - Highlight A theme: A new message template with excellent visibility. You can specify the title directly and use the variable to the right of the title. - Basic Theme: Select a type to automatically assign icons and titles. After you select a type, you can configure body text.
  • What messages can I send to RCS?
    RCS biz messages are largely divided into SMS/LMS/MMS/templates. For MMS and templates, different types of messages are available depending on the shape of the message. See the Message Guide for a detailed description of the message type.
  • There are more than 10 caller numbers. Is there any way to register all at once?
    After the brand is opened, you can register multiple calling numbers at once through the Bulk Registration function in the Chat Room Management > One-way Chat Room menu. However, a communication fact certificate must be attached together to confirm the ownership of the calling number. For your information, you can register up to 1,000 units at a time.
  • I am using multiple caller numbers. Do I need to create a brand for each caller number?
    At least one calling number must be registered for all brands If you use the same brand with multiple calling numbers, you can register multiple calling numbers at once when opening the brand. However, if you want to configure any of the information in the brand home differently, you must open a brand separately. (One calling number cannot be registered with different brands within the RCS Biz Center.) * The calling number can be registered/managed from the Chat Room Management > One-way Chat Room menu.
  • Are there any numbers that are restricted to calling numbers?
    Wired number, representative number, special number, and Internet phone number can be used as calling number Mobile phone numbers, numbers containing special characters (starting with #,*) cannot be used as calling numbers.
  • It says that the number you want to register is already registered and cannot be used. What should I do?
    If you apply for the change of the calling number owner through the RCS Biz Center customer center, we will confirm the owner of the calling number and proceed with the change of the calling number.
  • What information can be displayed on the Brand Home?
    Brand Home can reveal the following information, and more information can be found on the Brand Opening page. - Brand Logo and Description - Brand information (representative number, homepage address, offline address, email) - Brand News (Promotional Channel)
  • What can be checked in service management?
    Through the dashboard, you can check the overall details of your work, such as the brand you are currently operating and the information registration/change history that requires approval from the site operator.
  • What can you do in Service Management?
    Operate overall operations related to the RCS business, excluding messaging and brand news management. - Opening and changing brand information, setting brand operational rights, managing one-way and two-way chat rooms, creating and editing templates and two-way automated responses, etc
  • What is the fixed news?
    This feature secures the top of the Brand News screen and allows you to specify only one of the published news. Fixed news is not automatically deleted after one year from the first publication date or after more than 100 registered news.
  • Will the registered brand news continue to be displayed without a time limit?
    You can register up to 100 brand news per brand. If you register new news with all 100 registered, the news with the oldest publication date will be deleted. (The top fixed news is shown at the top of the brand news and is excluded from the registration limit and automatic deletion policy.)The retention period for published brand news is up to one year after the first publication date, and will be automatically deleted after one year. (The first publication date is not the revision publication date) However, news set to Fixed is not automatically deleted regardless of the publishing period. News in the saved or private state will be automatically deleted after 30 days of registration (the revision date is considered the registration date)
  • How do I register for brand news?
    All brands using the RCS service can create and register news directly from the Brand News Management menu. News registration is possible for brands with operational management rights by account (corporate manager, corporate manager, agency).
  • Can I change the registered brand post type?
    You cannot change the type of registered brand news. Please register the brand news with a different type through new registration.
  • Is a post that is private can't be seen in Brand Posts?
    The private status cannot be verified in the Brand News until you publish it again. Private news will be automatically deleted after 30 days. (Automatically deleted as of the first publication date if the first publication date arrives first) * How to post private news You can post it immediately by clicking the 'Modify' button on the details screen of the private news.
  • What's the difference between Instant Publish and Scheduled Publish in how brand posts are published?
    Immediate publishing and scheduled publishing of brand news types can be found in Brand Home > Brand News. - Publish Immediately: Post immediately by clicking the Register or Modify button, available in the Brand News - Publish Schedule - Post news at the specified date and time. Before posting, scheduled posting date and time can be modified (Reservation date can be specified up to 30 days later)
  • Can I register an unlimited number of brand news?
    You can register up to 100 brand news per brand. If you register new news with all 100 registered, the news with the oldest publication date will be deleted. (The top fixed news is shown at the top of the brand news and is excluded from the registration limit and automatic deletion policy.)
  • What is a hidden post in Brand Post?
    Among the posting methods of brand news, 'hidden posting' is news to provide external URL. If set to 'Hidden Posting', you can't check the Brand Home > Brand News on your phone You can check the news by accessing the URL directly from the outside. * URL Information: URL next to the 'News ID' entry on the News Details page of the hidden publication status
  • Brand News Type How many images can I register for Gallery Type?
    You can register at least 1 to 10 images for Gallery Type among brand news types. However, only one Gallery Type within the Slide View Type can be registered.
  • How do I see registered brand news on my phone?
    Select a brand from the Brand News Management menu and register the news When you select a profile from your phone's message box, you can go to Brand Home and check the brand information and news menu. When brand news is registered and activated, the first screen automatically changes to brand news when entering the brand home on the mobile phone.
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