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Usage - Ecommerce

Respond to your customers' inquiries accurately and provide efficient customer service.

By comparing data, you can analyze user response and conversion rates

to deliver the information appropriately.

The participatory contents for newly married couples who buy a new home appliance c

Increase customer traffic and purchase conversion rate.


Trigger customers' interest in your brand and product through the RCS chatbot channel, which only requires simple authentication. You can secure loyal customers with functions such as membership registration, pre-payment vouchers, gift cards, and points accumulation. Determine the most effective marketing strategy through data comparison of user response and purchase conversion rates.

For Both User and Company’s needs


Different information can be provided depending on the customer, such as gender, age, and area of ​​interest. Classify consumers and provide information with our RCS chatbot. User data statistics collected through the chatbot's survey function, etc. Also it can be used in various ways according to the purpose of the brand. By checking the number of new customers and the rate of revisiting at a glance, it is possible to recommend customized products for each customer.

A screen shot of back office that customer data can be checked.

Engage with your customers

Quickly answer customers' questions by using QR codes and assist with queries such as delivery status, promotion redemption, or general usage guidance.

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QR codes makes Quick Response possible

Use the chatbot's QR code for operation processes such as adding channels, using chat rooms, authentification, delivery tracking, and customer consultation.


Induce traffic to your website or app with promotions or discounts, or use videos such as tutorials. Real-time location guidance is also available with a QR code that connects directly to Google/Naver Maps.

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