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How connected better
with your customers?

Share interesting news with your customers while providing order and delivery progress.

Create a connected experience with your brand that doesn't end at checkout.

Turn customers into fans.

Customers can edit and track their order

in real time

Keep your customers informed of the delivery progress in real time with the RCS notification chatbot, cheaper and safer.

If customers want to edit or cancel their order, they can make a request using the button in the chat window.

When the order is ready, the store requests a delivery driver and the customer is simultaneously informed of the delivery status. If a one-on-one response is needed, the chatbot is here to help.

Convenient delivery service with RCS chatbot.

Is it too challenging to operate your store?
Do you want to run your business more efficiently?

Hire chatbot staff at a reasonable price

who will assist with

POS management, store guidance, and even marketing !

Track your sales with Mobile POS

With a chatbot channel dedicated to the store owner, you can easily manage orders from your mobile phone. You can check daily/weekly/monthly sales at a glance through API linkage between the chatbot and the POS program and receive it as a sales notification.


Manage your store efficiently and address out of stock items immediately. Changes are reflected in real-time on the customer's order screen and chatbot information, saving customers the hassle of having to respond to a separate phone call or request a re-order.

Manage branches conveniently with mobile POS
More fluent delivery process with qr code and automated chat bot.

Improve your customer's experience

with a smooth customer service

Manage reservations in real time, any time, through the chatbot reservation inquiry function. Notify your customers of the store status. ​


If a social media account containing store information is linked to the chatbot, customers can scan the QR code to browse the menu and even complete online payment by themselves. Send regular updates from your store to customers who have agreed to receive marketing notifications.

Customer experience management by sending coupon and promotion with RCS.

A seamless customer experience means

growing sales

By adding various action buttons and functions to the RCS chat window, you can analyze consumer behavior and preferences in more depth. After confirming what consumers want with accurate data, target users who fit the purpose of your brand. ​ Acquire more loyal customers by adding point and coupon functions easily issued by the chatbot and immediately redeemable. Messages with set content, such as membership registration/authentication procedures and order history, can be registered in advance and sent quickly at a lower rate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask
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