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Usage - Reservation

Easily manage a multitude of options

Reservation services such as time, location, cancellation

and change of reservation are all covered.


Sport games


Plane tickets

The example of chatting with chatbot of buying concert ticket.

Increase sales through a fast and seamless customer experience


Induce more ticket purchases by simplifyung the booking process. Through the chatbot's consultation function, you can solve customer inquiries and quickly connect them to your reservation service.


The chatbot can issue real-time information about events such as concerts and games, or about accommodation to create a satisfying customer experience.

Keep your customer engaged! Customer service and marketing connect with them in one chat.


Customer service related to enquiries such as booking change/cancellation can also be managed with the chatbot.

Customers can also check their booking history in the RCS chat room without visiting any other website, with simple authentication.

It is also possible to offer alternatives such as flexible dates and recommendation of other events, to enable one-on-one customer response.

Purchases can be further indiced by adding features such as mileage/point accumulation and discounts. ​


RCS Image_CS-01_edited_edited.png

How to get closer to customer?

Communication makes customer feel brand more friendly

Let us introduce how to communicate with customer more interesting!

Using RCS for content marketing.

Communicate with your customers

like you would with friends!


Whether you're e posting promotional material for a movie or a game, or hosting a participatory event, use the chatbot to generate interest and increase awareness.


Through various events such as watching teasers, quizzes, surveys, and ratings that you can easily participate in, you can deliver entertaining information and increase the promotion of your products and services.

Be accessible and make the Chatbot your customers' best friend!

Create RCS channels such as theme parks, performance halls, festivals, exhibitions, art galleries, parks, etc. with visual information through media such as photos or videos. This way, increase your accessibility and eliciting a positive response from visitors.


Provide a convenient and reliable customer service that allows them to check real-time parking availability or reservation waiting time, and offer customized guidance based on visitors' location and interests.

Fast responsee for customer's inquiry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask
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